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Intelligently prepared adventure cars for Portland, Vancouver, Camas, and Washougal.

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Our Team

  1. Paul Root
    Owner and lead mechanic. Paul is an airplane pilot and licensed airplane mechanic. He has over 10 years of experience working on everything from jets to piston powered helicopters!
  2. Noah Root
    Mechanic and Vehicle Appearance- in school to be an engineer, Noah brings precision and results to every job that he tackles with Roots Motors. He can usually be found working our most complex maintenance tasks because of his patience and care.
  3. John Patrick
    John has over 40 years of experience in helping small and large businesses! He brings his extensive understanding of finances, financial reports, and accounting. He is also a top quality business mentor who likes to see real service companies succeed! Owner of TruthForBusiness.com.

Why We Do What We Do


​We work  near the incredibly beautiful Cape Horn Trailhead.  From this rural location we frequently launch out on our own adventures to Mt. Hood, the Columbia Gorge, or the Pacific Ocean.  So we definitely understand the necessity of a reliable vehicle!

We have all experienced the medium mileage used car that seemed great for about a week or two and then suddenly needed thousands of dollars of repairs!  
Based on our own  experience  we pre-drive your next used car for many miles while working out the critical kinks and making sure it's in good shape for your adventures.

Our basic formula has proven itself many times over!  We have many happy owners who have put thousands of miles on our medium mileage used cars and who come back to us when they are ready to buy again!  

(Besides, we personally drive cars prepared in the exactly the same way as the ones you purchase from us.)

Try one of our cars today.   Come, buy, and go wherever you want, because it has been intelligently prepared for your next adventure!

Note: we have discovered that not all cars can be made to be reliable   and have proven themselves to be worthless adventure cars.  We don't sell those models anymore.  That's why you'll see only certain makes, models, and year ranges for sale on this website.