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Intelligently prepared adventure cars for Portland, Vancouver, Camas, and Washougal.

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You call and set up an appointment.

We work on your automobile
while you relax and sip tea.

You drive away confidently.

Top Quality Car Maintenance, Great Prices!!!
Airplane mechanic turned car mechanic!

We bring our training from the aviation world into the car world. This enhances our automotive shop with procedures like a double inspection on brakes, lug nuts, fuel system work, etc. 

It means that we have access to and use real shop manuals, use a torque wrench regularly, and approach jobs from a perspective that highly values correct procedures and maintenance practices.

Great Prices: Our location, though far away for many, helps to keep our overhead to a minimum. This means that we aren't picky about a mechanic spending an extra hour on your car to make sure the job was done currectly.  This also means that we can bid jobs at a lower cost.

What you get is top quality maintenance, lower cost, and a mechanic that can spend more time on your car.  Give us a try!