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Car Brakes
Call now to get them fixed: 

Does your next adventure include a mountain, the ocean, or urban exploration? Take this trip with your brakes in good condition!

We will use our skills, double check the work, and use a torque wrench to make sure your brakes are in perfect condition and to factory specs.

Your car brakes turn the kinetic energy of the car into heat energy.  The more efficiently they can do this, the better your braking action will be!  Starting from a securely attached brake pedal all the way to your thick steel brake discs, this is a system that deserves the highest attention to detail.

Thorough Inspection:

Better way to wrench:

Rest Easy:​

You rest in confidence:

A job done right is a job done right. 

And some jobs deserve extra care so that we can rest more easy. 
​First, there is no shortcut to a thorough inspection of a car brake system.​

We can afford the time to do this proper inspection.

We will look at your brake pedal mounting, look at the master cylinder, fluid level and condition, look at the flexible brake line installation, and check the pads, rotors, and calipers. 
​​Better for your safety!

  • Every brake job gets done.
  • Then every brake job gets double checked to ensure it was done perfectly (this is what is better for you).
  • Aviation has been doing double inspections for decades.  Why not here, where it is so critical?