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2007 Toyota Tundra SR5 - $17,500  SOLD!
Tundra pickups are top of their class, they are robust, and good looking pickup trucks.
Cosmetics: Clean and basic. This truck is straight forward cosmetically. You'll find the interior simple to navigate and there is a muted elegance in the toned down grey color of the exterior.
Mechanical: With only 72K miles the powerful 5.7 liter 8 cylinder engine is just getting started. This engine is joined to a smooth and rugged 6 speed automatic transmission. All of this added to the simple 2WD system and you get a truck that is young, reliable, and easy to maintain.
Other things to like about this vehicle are longer bed makes it drive smoothly. Maybe its the longer wheel base that changes how it interacts with the road, but it is definitely a pleasure to drive. Plus the driver sits high on the road giving excellent visibility and longer reaction time to traffic situations.
Blemishes: Dent on rear bumper, tailgate, and driver's C pillar.

VIN: 5TFSV54157X001074 Mileage: 72,000
2007 Mazda 6i- $4200  ​​SOLD!
Reliable, excellent condition, and fun 5-speed!

Cosmetics: As good as you will see on any used 2007 car.  Definitely a car that you can take pride in driving around.

Mechanical: Engine upgraded to the stronger 2.5 liter Mazda engine. Fresh oil change, transmission servicing, recent belts, water pump, new rear brake pads, brake fluid flush, everything works, and everything serviced!    

Other things to like about this vehicle gets good gas mileage.  Fun to drive (corners and handles really well).  Roomy sedan feel.  We like this car because we know 100% of it's mechanical history! 

Blemishes: Scratches on back bumper.

VIN: 1YVHP80C375M31172 Mileage: 137,000 
2000 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport - $3750  SOLD!
Compact and capable machine with a touchscreen upgrade!
Cosmetics: Prototypical Subaru styling and colors! The high quality interior plastics look and feel almost new, the windows are still crystal clear, and the exterior has retained its shine during the two owner life of this vehicle.
Mechanical: One of the best Subaru engines, the 2.2liter engine will last the lifetime of the vehicle without major intervention (ie. head gaskets). Using the highest quality Subaru Original Parts we replaced the timing belt, tensioner, water pump, timing belt idlers, etc. This car has new brakes all around and all fluids and filters changed or flushed!
Other things to like about this vehicle include glass headlights that won't fade, a cargo area mat, a professionally installed touchscreen, Bluetooth stereo, all-wheel drive, and only two owners!  Comes with CarFax report, owners manual, and 2 keys.
Blemishes:  Scratches on the bumpers that are visible in the photos, steering bellows boot torn on right hand side, seats have a couple of stains and tear in driver's seat was sown up.

VIN:  JF1GF4853YH809113 Mileage: 202,500 
  1. Picture of timing belt on this Impreza
2001 Subaru Forester- $3500 ​​ SOLD!
A superb winter vehicle. Drive confidently on slippery roads, mountain passes, or to the beach all year long, no worries!

Cosmetics: We think that the unique silvery green color goes very nicely with the simplistic and rugged styling of this Forester!  You'll definitely notice the crystal clear windows, the super basic layout of the controls, and how the design format is all about functionality in this car.  

Mechanical: Several crucial parts have been replaced: the head gaskets, the timing belt, water pump, upper and lower radiator hoses, heater core hoses, radiator, and battery have all been replaced. The tires are less than one year old, it has a new windshield, recent brake work done, all gearboxes have new oil, fresh engine oil and filter change. We verified that all the lights work, windows and door locks all work, and the cruise control works.

Other things to like about this vehicle include the high ground clearance, superb all wheel drive system, peppy 2.5L four cylinder engine, Subaru reliability, comfortable cloth seats, and we like the fact that it is a basic, solid, but very functional design. Comes with a trailer hitch for a small trailer and a full sized spare tire.

Blemishes: Some stains and tears on the seats. Right hand steering bellows boot is torn.

VIN: JF1SF63581G756126 Mileage: 193,000

Vehicle possibilities...
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Thoroughly vetted through our inspection program, we can prepare a car for you!

We super spa each car using an environmentally friendly process which significatly reduces soap drainage and completely stops any oil products from entering the rain water!    

 Our focus is here.  We have seen good results with our thorough process.    

Other things
to like about these cars: our focus really is adventure cars.  Generally all wheel or 4 wheel drive and a quality ride to get you there and back.

Many of these vehicles have small blemishes.  We are just fine with a few scratches or small to medium dents.  It's what's on the inside that we focus on. 
Notes:  We have worked with owners to find, buy, clean, and prepare an excellent vehicle!  Let us help you find a quality used adventure vehicle!